Songwriter Girl

Those Attending Camp Will Leave With: 

* more developed, encouraged and enhanced creativity
* laser focus on learning how to write better songs
* greater confidence as writers and performers
* the tools you will need to work in the music industry
* friends for life

This is your EXCLUSIVE opportunity to NETWORK and MEET face-to-face with people who create and work in the industry.  You also get the chance to:

* attend unique workshops filled with invaluable information to move you to the next level as a writer/performer 
* collaborate with other attendees 
* work directly with Kirsti.
 Experience this one day life and career changing event! This is a one of a kind opportunity to personally meet industry pros, attend incredible workshops, perform your own songs, get stage performance tips, listen to successful songwriters/performers share their songs and secrets, while getting the chance to make new friends and co-writers for your next big hit!  Meals are available within easy walking distance of the event. Affordable accommodations are also available near camp but are not included in the purchase of a camp pass. Call (615) 323-2915 or email if you have additional questions. Observer passes may be purchased with the purchase of a camp pass. 

Important info about Camp!

Pics from Camp!

What You Will Learn:

* “I Wrote a Song, Now What?”
* “Songwriter Survival Tips” (or “How to Survive in the Big
Pond when you’re a Little Fish”)
* “The Truth Behind Copyrights”
* “The Nuts and Bolts of Being a Working Songwriter”
* “How to Have Fun and Keep Writing When You’re Getting Rejected”
* “Becoming a Great Networker”
* “OMG Moments!"
* "Stage Performance Troubleshooting”

       AND ALSO    

* "How to Find Titles and Ideas"
* "How Writers and Publishers Get Paid"
* "How to Effectively Pitch Your Songs"

Don't Miss Songwriter Girl Camp!   June 8, 2019 

Hey all you Songwriter Girls!  Have you ever dreamed of getting in the room with a #1 songwriter? Want a chance to meet hit songwriters, music industry pros, network and perform your songs for Nashville publishers? Are you a lyricist, poet, or budding songwriter who wants to connect with other songwriters? Now you can - come to Kirsti Manna's 1 day SONGWRITER GIRL CAMP IN NASHVILLE, TN!

“Becoming a successful songwriter is no accident. I'm excited about sharing with you real and essential information gathered from years of first hand experience in achieving the ultimate goal of becoming a #1 songwriter. I’ve used these techniques to build a successful career and want to help save you years of heartache, trial and error on the road towards you becoming a successful "songwriter or performing songwriter" too!"  Kirsti Manna

About Songwriter Girl Camp